Pain management

    Pain which is an unpleasant sensation, it is a protective mechanism that prevent our body from further damage. If we treat the pain in early stages we can prevent irreversible changes in our body and can expect better outcomes. Pain can be muscular or neural or could be acute or chronic.

In acute pain, icing can be done for immediate effect with certain exclusion. Some acute conditions like ankle sprain, tennis elbow should be treated by proper stabilisation methods like taping, counterforce bracing, lumbosacral belts.

In chronic pain, accurate diagnosis is must for proper treatment and fast recovery. Manual therapy like core stability, pilates, joint mobilisation, thera band exercise helps in preventing recurrence of the conditions and makes you to come back to your normal life style.

Muscular pain such as neck pain, back pain, hip pain can be treated by correcting biomechanics of the joints and soft tissues. Soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, muscle energy technique are some manual procedure which helps in better outcome.

Neural pain like sciatica, discogenic pain, headache are treated with neural tissue release, positional release and proper stabilisation. Graded strengthening exercise protocol are tailored according to need of patient.


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